Traveling with your pet

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Here are some things to consider when traveling with a pet:

Make a checklist of the basic necessities:

Food, water, treats, toys, bedding, grooming supplies, and necessary medications.

How far and by what method are you travelling?  

If going intrastate, for example; by car or train - Does your pet get motion sickness? Is your hotel/motel pet friendly? Can you make frequent bathroom and exercise stops?

If travelling interstate or international, for example; by plane or boat; Does your destination require special paperwork called a "Health Certificate" in order to allow your pet to enter the state or country?  What are the vaccination requirements for that state or country? Will you have to have your pet quarantined for a period of time once you arrive at the destination?

Planning and Preparation

Additional Tips for Pet Health while Traveling

When traveling by car, pack a simple pet first-aid kit that includes assorted bandages, antiseptic cream, an antidiarrheal medication that is safe for pets (ask your veterinarian to suggest a product), gauze squares, and the phone numbers of your veterinarian, a national poison control hotline, and a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital.

 In addition to a standard identification tag (which should be labeled with your name, home address, and phone number), your pet?s collar should include a travel tag with information on where you are staying while away from home. Should your pet become lost, this will allow you to be contacted locally.

 Perform a daily health check on your pet when away from home. In unfamiliar surroundings, your pet?s appetite, energy, and disposition may change. Watch for unusual discharges from the nose and eyes, excessive scratching or biting of any body part, abnormal elimination, or excessive water consumption. Visit a local veterinarian if you are concerned about any physical or behavioral changes.

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