Successes Stories

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At Wise Road Animal Hospital we are very proud of our many successes.  Here are just a few:

Presentation and Problem
Jake was adopted from a local animal shelter.  He was very itchy all over with many areas of hair loss, and irritated, infected skin.

After Successful Diagnosis and Treatment

After conducting a few tests, it was determined that Jake had a non-contagious mite called Demodex.  After several in hospital treatments, Jake has successfully regrown his beautiful hair coat and is a much happier dog!

Chloe also seemed to have a problem with her skin and hair growth.

Testing revealed that little Chloe had a low functioning thyroid as well as a hyperactive adrenal gland. Successful treatment of hypothyroidism and Cushings disease helped Chloe regrow her gorgeous coat and get out in the snow!

DaVinci has had bad allergies for quite some time, so his owner recently switched to a diet which while helping his itching has left him with dental disease and subsequent bad breath.

After making certain he had no underlying medical problems which would make him a risk for anesthesia, we cleaned and polished his teeth and now his breath is friendly again!